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Drugs with allometry and Physiology inside - Animal to Human


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Release note (0.8.9)

1. Allometric approach in the Elimination tab: the unit of CL (L/hr) was corrected to “L/hr/kg”, and the same unit was marked in the "Allometric scaling result" box.

2. Allometric approach in the Distribution tab and the Elimination tab: When the brain weight (bw) or maximum life span (mlp) was chosen, the errors of omitting bw and mlp at the final calculation formulas for Q and CL were corrected. 

3. “Hepatocyte” in the “in vitro/in vivo” option of the Elimination tab: the title of the fraction “Vcell/Vincubation” was corrected to “Ncell/Vincubation”.

4. The human body weight fixed to 70 kg was revised so that the user may choose between 60 and 70 kg. 


Release note (0.8.8)

1. Elimination tab: The error in the body weight unit at the allometric CL prediction step was fixed.

2. Final Parameter tab: The error in the display of Vss for a 1 compartment model was fixed.

3. Distribution tab: The error in using the brain weight and MLP at the allometric Q prediction
step was fixed.

4. Distribution tab: At the allometric 1 compartment model, the ka and Fa_Caco are automatically given like in the case of the 2 compartment model.

5. JRE (Java Runtime Environment) was changed from the Oracle JRE to the open JRE.


Release note (0.8.7)

1. Qgut model was included to predict the intestinal bioavailability (Fg)

2. Allometric calculation methods of CL was added.


Release note (0.8.6)

1. In the Absorption tab, the reference Caco-2 Papp values of propranolol and atenolol that are used for the calibration of the user-input Papp were replaced with those obtained from the method of Usansky’s report (J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2005; 314: 391-399): but, they are not visible to users.

2. The Fa_Caco calculation method was replaced with that used in the Usansky’s report (J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2005; 314: 391-399) to avoid suspected overestimation.

3. Resolution of simulated concentration plots was improved.

4. Bugs in the automatic parameter calculation were fixed.


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